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The effects of the Legendary ECA Stack (Ephedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin sometimes includes Naringin or Grapefruit extract) in weight loss are primarily due to the Ephedrine HCL component but not the reason by any measure. Ephedrine stimulates the release of both nor-epinephrine and adrenaline into your system.

ECA Stacks Weight LossThis increases the circulating nor-epinephrine in the body, which then acts on white Adipose tissue (fatty tissue to me and you) by increasing cAMP (Cyclic Adenosine MonoPhosphate) levels. This causes an increased thermogenic effect, thus raising body temperature and increasing the user’s metabolism in conjunction with the rest of the stack (Caffeine and Aspirin).

However, the bodies protective system or negative feedback system then activates to normalize the metabolism and body temperature back to normal. This is done via the production of Phosphodiesterase inside the cells, and prostaglandins outside the cell, which both lower cAMP levels within the cell and this results in a neutralising of the effects, meaning you cool down and return to a normal state.

Bad eh?, not really because this is where Caffeine comes into the stack since it inhibits the production of phosphodiesterase inside the cell and therefore slows cAMP breakdown quite dramatically, making the fat burning process last longer. It also binds with and competitively inhibits adenosine receptors in the brain, triggering the release of epinephrine and increasing cAMP levels further. In simple terms it prolongs the break down and thus effect of the ephedrine while simultaneously having its own boosting effect as well as enhancing the Ephedrine, so its a triple whammy.


Now you’re wondering what Aspirin does?, well it blocks or inhibits prostaglandin production outside of the cells, which in conjunction with Caffeine, greatly prolongs the thermogenic effects and increased metabolism by sustaining the elevated cAMP levels.

Many people find they don’t need the Aspirin in an ECA Stack which maybe true but since its such a cheap and readily available product, its not really worth worrying too much about it, if you want a true ECA Stack buy it, otherwise don’t worry about it either.

Some people are allergic or sensitive to Aspirin or Salicin in general, so a good alternative is L-Tyrosine, which it has been proven that L-Tyrosine is a far more effective prostaglandin inhibitor than Aspirin, so it should further boost the effects of an ECA Stack above and beyond simple Aspirin. L-Tyrosine also has a number of benefits within its own right such as aiding with tanning, mood enhancing and more.

Its not generally a product that occurs in commercial ECA Stacks because a dosage of 750-2500 mg is required which would would leave no room in the capsules for other ingredients. Generally speaking people buy L-Tyrosine in bulk packs and add 2g to their drink of choice to gain the benefits, so its suggest by some to use a drink loaded with L-Tyrosine to aid swallowing your ECA Stack for maximum results.