How To Make Your Own ECA Stack!

Kaizen Ephedrine HCL Tablets

An ECA Stack is traditionally a synergistic combination of Ephedrine (or related or similar product), Caffeine and Aspirin which can make an energy booster and thermogenic fat burner to aid in weight loss. Making your own ECA Stack can sometimes be a cheaper and better way to use this combination of supplements.

It also ensures that you know exactly what you are putting in your body and  in what amounts, whereas most commercial weight loss supplements add other ingredients to make their products seem more effective or to fill out the capsules.

Making your own ECA Stack is pretty easy, soon I’ll be posting details on how to make your own capsuled ECA Stack too.

Step 1:
Buying Ephedrine online or at your local gym. It is easier to buy on-line from known sources like Astro Nutrition, who ship the ultra reliable Kaizen Ephedrine , which is a good solid brand, and is highly recommended. You can buy Kaizen Ephedrine from Amazon some US Merchants sell it as “Stay Awake” or “Bronchitis Med”, some require you to send them proof of ID and others limit how many you can buy per time.

Ephedrine alone has some pretty fantastic effects, mostly energizing and appetite suppression based, which in turn lead to fat burning.

Step 2:
You can find Caffeine Anyhydrous  all over the internet 100 x 200mg tablets are everywhere and cost around £5-6, I recommend MyProtein as a top source. Caffeine can make your hands and you in general terms jittery and a little shaky, this effect is enhanced by the Ephedrine but you do get use to this feeling and it subsides a few weeks in to your cycle.

The Caffeine helps the Ephedrine to work better, and the Ephedrine has a slightly milder effect on the Caffeine making it work better too, so the 2 products are bilaterally synergistic, meaning they help each other.

Step 2a:
Instead of plain Caffeine, if you look around you can find a cheap energy booster with caffeine and other products for around £9 for 100 which are in capsules ready for you to open and put your ephedrine in, and now go to Step 4a for that.

Step 3:
If you purchase coated aspirin for children or low dose heart issues they are usually 81mg and quite cheap, around £5 for 360. The coated tablets will be kinder on your stomach, some people get a bad stomach from any anti-inflammatory. The enteric coated Aspirin lessen these effects by making them dissolve in a different part of your body.

If your allergic or have major problems with Aspirin it is often considered optional, but I believe something should be taken in its place as for me it does add a little something to the stack.

Alternatives to Aspirin include Herbal White Willow bark, or if you want to avoid the product all together, 1,000-2,000 mg of L-Tyrosine is thought to be alot better and improve the stack a noticeable amount.

If you followed Step 2a, your capsule may already contain white willow or L-Tyrosine, so be sure to check so you don’t add double.

Step 4:
Now if you Take one of each pill at the same time, usually in the morning and usually prior to a workout, and see how you progress. You may need to increase the Ephedrine component of the stack. Its considered that 1:10:3 is a good ratio, with the ideal matrix being around 24-30mg Ephedrine, 200mg Caffeine, 80mg Aspirin.

Step 4a:
If you bought your the cheap energy booster or fat burner, you should now simply prise open a capsule and push your desired ephedrine in side. I find that holding the long part of the capsule in my left hand, and gently twisting and pulling as I twist gives me the better chance of opening the capsule without damage.

Step 5:
Start with one dose a day for a week, increasing the ephedrine dose ever few days until you reach around the 30mg marker, if you feel less is ok for you, then don’t worry stop where you happy with the stack. Its suggested that 2-3 doses per day are the optimum amount, I find 2 doses per day, with 1 extra half an hour before the gym was the best for me.

Tips & Hints

The ECA stack will help you lose fat within the first couple weeks even if you’re not exercising. Of course, it will be most effective when combined with a good diet and exercise.

You should do what is called a Cycle with any Ephedrine product. A cycle means you take it for a set time, and take a set time off, its recommended that ECA Stacks be taken for around 6 weeks, and taken 2-3 weeks off before starting again. If you don’t do this the effects will start to wear off as the body gets used to it, and you will need to increase your dose until it stop working all together.

You can do the 4 days on 3 days off routine to drag out a 10-12 week cycle, but I’m not sure this works.

Ephedrine HCL will suppress your appetite, but you must try keep eating a healthy diet to give yourself enough energy to work out and give something for the ephedrine to burn in addition to the fat otherwise it will start to burn your muscle. You can combat this further by doing resistance training.


Like any supplement, an ECA Stack can be dangerous. The ephedrine alone will speed up your heart rate, but combined with the caffeine, and it can be a little overwhelming until you get used to it.

Buying A Pre-Made Stack

Buy ECA Stacks Here

10 thoughts on “Make Stacks

  1. Billie Caskill 7th May, 2013 at 08:00

    This guide rocks. Where can I get quality Eph?

    Any recommendations?

  2. Eric Stack 21st September, 2013 at 22:41

    The only places I can recommend are AstroNutrition and a company called Gorilla Jack, google them both.

  3. vicky fredericks 23rd September, 2014 at 00:40

    amazons link not working. where else to buy efferdrin from pls ?

  4. Mike 24th January, 2015 at 17:38

    About time you had some stock, ordered 240 sat, got em tuesday, powwwwwweeeerrrrrrrrrrredddd up like a boss.

  5. kim 25th January, 2015 at 06:31

    what pills making tool do you recommend ?

  6. RabidSquatter 4th February, 2015 at 03:36

    Woah! I’m really lovin da self making option

    Roll Ups for the gym apes

    What do i beed to make em list pls?

  7. Eric Stack 5th March, 2015 at 23:31

    Hi Kim,
    I personally have used the Cap-m-Quick machine along with some digital scales. They make 50 capsules, so weigh out 50x your ingredients and quickly spread to get an even fill.

  8. robert 30th June, 2015 at 05:14

    what can i use instead of aspirin it bothers me taking it, scary what it can do

  9. Alena 3rd July, 2015 at 07:52

    ware can I buy cheap veggie caps.

  10. mel 4th July, 2015 at 03:03

    Takes so long to load the capsules into the maker. 24 at a time, takes about 20 minutes her hit.

    I found making 100 at a time, I could do in about 45 minutes, once all the stuff is out just bang em out.

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